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To make the most beautiful underwater pictures and movies,

or just to stay at one spot and enjoy the view outside, the hoovering capabilities of the NEYK are second to none.

This is because two revolutionary placed vertical thrusters in the dome on top of the conning tower.

Lengthwise, of the superstructure

changes fluently into a teardrop form and is as smooth and slender as possible.

The NEYK can stay actively in one place

by the use of two extra vertical thrusters placed in the dome on top of te tower that can give up and downforce.

It can do this completely computerised.

The bow section

is not welded but bolted to the hull and can vary to order.

For private use it standard is equipped with a large Acrylate dome for excellent view.

This ocean-going diesel electric submarine

with a submerged displacement of between

103 and 108 tonnes.

The cockpit

gives the two pilots excellent all-round visibility both on surface and on the sea floor and is also equipped with

two multifunctional colour displays for each pilot.




Ocean Submarine

is a specialist in design and development of submarines.

One of our projects was the deve-lopment and construction of a completely new generation of submarines, with an overall length of 19m (63ft), maximum dis-placement of 100 tonnes of water,

and fully pressurized hull, capable of reaching depths of  

300m (1000 feet).